Connecting Women who want to know and live in the Word through enriching and relevant Bible studies, our new online community, and upcoming special events.

Abingdon Press, the first name in religious publishing, has grown our faith community to specifically connect women with relevant and enriching books and Bible studies, an online faith community, and special events through the launch of Abingdon Women. 

Women today live in a time that is indeed different from our mothers and grandmothers.  Whether or not we have fully embraced social media and cutting edge technology, it is true we live in a world of PinterestTwitterInstagram and Facebook.  We are bombarded with ways to be better, do more, live healthier, spend less, be more productive, and become an all around super woman.  We can tweet, text, video, photograph, and get advice through the internet when we’re stumped over the best brand or parenting options.  Within minutes we can find out how to incorporate our own business, discover the best retirement home, brand of diapers or find the easiest way to cut open a pomegranate.

Yet, with so much information at our fingertips, many of us continue to search for something deeper and more meaningful.  Christian women today continue searching for time and opportunities of trusted and genuine relationships.  We strive to find the time for accountability groups, Bible studies and book clubs.  Abingdon Women now supports those relationships by providing reliable and trusted resources for your faith formation.  While none of these groups or any publication can take the place of our relationship with God, all of these can support our growing relationship with God.  Christian women understand that connecting with other women with similar or varying life stages and struggles can help us grow and become more connected in our faith.  Understanding that another woman struggles to live into a life of forgiveness or find the balance to care for herself and her family and yet still grow in God’s grace is real in our society and can encourage us in our own challenges.  After all, God designed us to learn and grow together. 

Abingdon Women provides trusted resources to help today’s woman learn and grow in a supportive and caring community through relevant and enriching Bible studies, our new online community and upcoming special events.   Abingdon Women is grounded theologically with encouraging female authors and we are offering women a chance to walk alongside them in study and in real life through our newly designed community focused website and local author events.

As the Abingdon Women community grows, we invite you to visit our newly launched website at for resourcesblog posts, and opportunities to connect regularly via social media.  The foundation of Abingdon Women provides a belief in God’s grace for your life.  You can trust Abingdon Women to provide deep, meaning and relevant bible study in your demanding role as a woman in today’s world.

If you are looking for a trusted resource to grow and connect, look to Abingdon Women.  After all, it is your life and your faith.  

We hope you will join our community as we learn and grow together.  Visit the homepage at to sign up to connect via our newsletter and receive a free e-book download from Abingdon Women author, Babbie Mason.

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