Living the Word

Melissa Spoelstra Video Taping

We would like to invite you to a rescheduled video taping of Melissa Spoelstra's new study Jospeh. The video taping was originally sched… read more

Abingdon Women Cruise Survey

For those of you who were able to attend the Abingdon Women Cruise the week of February 2nd, we invite you to take a survey by clicking … read more

You're Invited to Be Set Apart!

Join us as part of the studio audience for the video taping of Jessica LaGrone's new Bible study, Set Apart: Holy Habits of Prophets and… read more

Embracing Good Enough

One of the gifts I requested and received for my birthday was a magnifying/make-up mirror. As I grow older, less trusting of my appearan… read more

Seashell Reflections from the Shore

Last weekend I said goodbye to the Jersey shore (what we Philadelphia-area folks call the “beach”). Despite only visiting on… read more

Sharing Your Stories, Part 2

In late June we shared one of the many moving stories we read among the entries for the Abingdon Women “Call to Me” Cruise g… read more

"You Know It's God..."

In early August, Babbie Mason found great joy in returning to Jackson, Michigan and Lily Missionary Baptist Church, which her father, th… read more

Separated by Distance; United by Love

As I prepared to go to Nicaragua, my excitement and anxiety grew simultaneously. I knew without a doubt I was in for an adventure. Most … read more

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