Living the Word

Thursday Inspiration

God's creations are indeed good. Thanks to Babbie Mason for the reminder. Share this image with a friend who needs to know that they are… read more

Thursday Inspiration

Here's a sharable image from author Lucinda Secrest McDowell who has a lovely new book called Dwelling Places: Words to Live in Every Se… read more

Thursday Inspiration

Here's an image for you to share with your friends to encourage them in their walk today. We pray that it inspires you too!… read more

Feeling Holy?

Holy means “set apart.” It is a word used of God’s character. He is not like us, special, perfect. Yet the crazy thing… read more

Dear Other Woman: A Message for the Woman in the Mirror

Remember when we used to love hanging out with each other? Hmm, how old were we back then – two or three years old? How cute … read more

Barbie’s got a booty now…but will it make a difference?

Barbie’s back with a new look and style. But will it make a difference? As a kid, my friend knew never to call me “Barbie.&… read more

Run for your Life

Running is usually a mark of a coward, but sometimes God calls us to flee. When Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph daily by inviting h… read more


I need you to hear something. You, the parents of the college student about to flunk out. Who know he’s drinking too much and goi… read more

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