Some wise words spoken from a wise woman have resonated with me since yesterday, “being a Christ-Centered woman isn’t about avoiding the chaos, it’s about finding wholeness in the chaos.”  Kimberly Dunnam Reisman shared her teachings for The Christ-Centered Woman: Finding Balance in a World of Extremes yesterday with our studio audience as Abingdon Women recorded the video portion of her new study.  I sat there with women who I know have had their share of chaos in life that include both challenging struggles and exciting dreams.  I thought about each of you and your chaos and your journey toward wholeness.  I thought about those of you who commented on the blog this week and told your stories.  I thought about your lives as leaders, moms, advocates, teachers, writers, ministers, patients, dreamers, artists, caregivers, etc.  God often calls us as women to juggle many roles and sometimes that can feel like chaos (even when we love those roles).  And, I don’t know about you, but when the chaos strikes, my intuition is to run and hide.  Those who know me well know I function best in less than chaotic environments and prefer deep cleansing breaths to deadlines (who doesn't?).  But, truthfully, my story doesn’t include much less than chaos and likely neither does yours.  So it is encouraging to be reminded that we’re still invited to experience wholeness in our God, no matter our current schedule or chaotic situation.

Kim’s teaching was grounding, encouraging and inspiring for me personally because wholeness is something I started searching for the moment I was physically at my weakest after a stroke and brain surgery 7 years ago.  I began embracing my journey toward wholeness when my body was most broken.  You see, there can be wholeness found in an MRI or an emergency room.  There can be wholeness found while juggling the bills, the job, the chores, the kids or whatever you’re juggling.  There can be wholeness found in each and every one of our situations, no matter the situation.  It sounds overwhelming and yet so simple.  Kim reminded us of this truth yesterday, we must look to the Lord to find wholeness in the chaos of life. 

Prayer: Father, help us pursue and find wholeness in our lives.  Let us seek you and your peace not only in our moments of quiet and stillness but also in those moments of chaos.

Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually. –Psalm 105:4 NRSV

What tools do you use to turn your presence to God continually?

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