Warehouse Blessings 

by Babbie Mason

It was an exciting day.  My friend, who had just produced her first motion picture, had planned a big premiere at her home church and Charles (my husband) and I were invited to come.  On the way to the church, I glanced at my watch and surmised that I still had just enough time to dash into a store to buy my friend a gift - maybe a bouquet of flowers to celebrate her accomplishments.  Unfamiliar with the area, the only store we could find was one of those warehouse-type superstores.  It was the only choice we had at the moment, so Charles parked the car in the lat and waited while I dashed into the huge warehouse.

I was a bit overwhelmed at the expansive size of the store. It seemed to stretch as far as it was wide. A nice store clerk pointed me in the direction of their fresh flowers. I thanked her, found a nice gift to go with the flowers, and was back at the front of the store in no time. I stepped into the checkout line, filing in behind two other people already in line. The clerk told me I'd have to pay a bit extra because I didn't have a membership card. I'd never shopped at one of those warehouse superstores before, so I didn't know that a membership card was required. But I was willing to pay a little extra for the gifts rather than spend time, effort, and gas looking for another store.

Just then, a very kind middle-aged lady behind me said, "No problem, I'll be glad to let you use my card so you can get the discount."  

I replied with gratitude to her offer, "Oh, thank you so much! God Bless you for that!"

"Oh, honey," she said, "I really do need God to bless me. "i've had a tough go of it these last few months. My grandkids have come to live with me, and I'm not as young as I used to be. "It's a challenge to raise kids nowadays."

In an effort to offer a simple word of encouragement, I smiled and said, rather conversationally, "Well, may the Lord give you the strength you need to raise your grandkids. I pray He will open up the windows of His heaven and shower down so many blessings upon you and your grandchildren that you won't have room to receive them all."

That lady was catching the vision before I could get the words out of my mouth! The next thing I knew, she was lifting her hands, and shouting praises to God, right there in the check-out line.  "Praise You, God! Hallelujah! I receive that blessing right now, Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me!" she said.

Now, I've been privileged to worship Jesus in a lot of different places, but that was the first time I'd ever had church in the check-out line of a warehouse superstore.  Then, before I could turn around, a young lady standing behind us in line said, "Will you bless me, too?"

While the first lady was yet praising God, I smiled, took the young lady by the hand, and said to her, "Well, my sweet friend, God loves you so much! May you always live for the Lord.  As you do, I pray that He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

The next thing I knew, tears came rolling down her face as she savored those words that were spoken into her life. I paid for my items and was heading out the front door when the security guard standing at his post of duty greeted me on the way out and said, "If you don't mind, would you bless me, too?"

The words I spoke to those I met that day at the store weren't exceptional. I only did what I was led to do - to encourage weary hearts through the power of the Word of God. I marveled at how persuasive the spoken word of God is. I went into that store that day for one reason, but it was evident God sent me out of my way on a greater mission - to share His love with those who needed it.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your ever present love. Guide me to share your love with those who need it, even when it seems to be a simple act in an unexpected place. Amen.

How has someone gone out of her or his way to share God's love with you?

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