Abingdon Women is excited to partner with the Common English Bible to get this brand new Study Bible into the hands of women in our community!  Each week during the month of October, you are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of this new Bible to accompany your next Bible study. 

At Abingdon Women we are passionate about helping you connect through God's word. We hear from ministry leaders that women are often intimidated or overwhelmed when starting Bible study and a great study Bible that is reliable in not only it's translation but also in it's study notes is a valuable asset to any time of personal study or small group fellowship.

Why do we like it?  The CEB Study Bible gives you the tools, illustrations, and explanations necessary for making informed decisions about the meaning of the Bible. The notes in this study Bible don't tell you what to believe. Instead, they give you the context for what the books of the Bible meant to their earliest readers and what the Bible means right now.  The CEB Study Bible is for encouragement and challenge, for guidance and reflection, for study and prayer.

So, what are you waiting for?  To add the new CEB Study Bible to your bookshelf, just comment below and tell us what chapter or verse you would turn to first and why in this new Study Bible.  Five Abingdon Women who answer below will be eligible to receive a new CEB Study Bible (US residents only, comment before Noon CST on Thursday, October 31st to be eligible for one of the five Bibles given away).

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