What are some of the foods you especially enjoy during the holiday season? How will you share the abundance of food God has provided to you as a gift to others?  

I am a fan of all the appetizers one consumes before a holiday feast—baked brie in puff pastry with cranberries, bacon-wrapped dates. I love it all! This season, I'm planning to find ways to serve those farthest from me and those up close through the gift of food, including donations to the food bank and parties with plenty of brie for those in my tribe. 

What Christmas traditions did you experience growing up?  

I often spent time at my grandparents’ home at Christmastime. My grandpa was a huge influence in my life and built within me an attitude of gratitude for all Christ has done. 


What are your favorite Christmas songs? Why do they touch you so deeply?  

O Holy Night: it paints a picture of the Kingdom, here and not yet. 

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