Ever get the nudge to do something or say something?

You have felt it.  Maybe it's the nudge to grab your umbrella as you walk out the door even though there is not a cloud in the sky.  You tell yourself it's silly to tote an umbrella all day long when the sun is shining. But, within hours the sky is cloudy and rain is pouring.  For me, that umbrella is often tucked away right where I left it when I remember the nudge from earlier in my day.  Maybe the dampness I feel all over after such a rainy day will encourage me to listen more closely to the nudges next time?  Maybe the nudge encouraged you to pick up that umbrella as you stay mostly dry and you are thankful for that split second decision from earlier in your day!  Either way, you noticed the nudge.

Often our nudges are bigger and bolder than grabbing an umbrella.  You may be nudged to talk with the person in front of you in line, ask her about her day, and share your story with someone you barely know.

Sometimes the bolder nudges include choices, opportunities, or chances. Are you feeling a nudge to step outside your box and try something new?  Maybe you’re being nudged to volunteer for a local organization or lead a Bible study in your neighborhood or church? Maybe it's a nudge to finally choose to live into your calling or consider starting a family?  Nudges are life-giving...when we listen to them. 

Nudges happen to me often. Sometimes I pay attention to them and sometimes (more often than I like to admit) I ignore them. As I age, I think of the random nudges in life as no longer random but are that of the Holy Spirit. When I pay attention to the nudges in my life and respond, I find I am often blessed in return.

How is the Holy Spirit nudging you right now? What opportunities do you have to say yes today?  Will you share with us here a nudge that has blessed you?

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