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Melissa is madly in love with Jesus and addicted to the study of His Word. Her passion is to help women seek Christ and know Him more intimately through Bible study.

She is the author of six women’s Bible studies including Romans: Good News that Changes Everything which is now available.

About the Study

What was your inspiration for this study?

Romans has long been an impactful book in my life personally. I understood the gospel message for the first time from a Sunday school teacher who used Romans to help me understand that being a Christian wasn’t about “being good” but about following Jesus.

What is the main message you hope women take away from studying Romans?


One of the gals who previewed the study told me she understood her theology better and how to apply it in the checkout line at Walmart! This is my heart—that we will know God, embrace His love, and apply it in our real-life situations.


What was your greatest challenge in writing Romans?


My greatest challenge was taking a dense theological book and breaking it down in only six weeks! We could study it for six months and not be at a loss for material, so I spent a lot of time asking the Holy Spirit for clear direction in where to focus.


What is your favorite tip for Bible study group leaders?


My favorite tip for Bible study group leaders is to guide conversation without monopolizing. I often have to monitor myself to be sure I’m not talking too much. I want to let questions linger and not feel like every spare second needs to be filled. Group dynamics require leaders who will graciously help Talking Tammy land the plane as well as encourage Silent Suzy to share her thoughts without feeling forced.


About Melissa

What are you loving today, this week, this month?


Today I am loving the sun on my face. I love getting into a hot car. I know that’s weird, but I just love that feeling of enveloping warmth…for a minute or two. Then I turn on the AC!

This week I’m loving having a houseful with my college kids home and lots of their friends in and out of the house.

This month I’m loving that school will start and we all will get back into more regular routines.


What is your favorite soul care practice?


Sleep is absolutely my favorite soul care practice…and ice cream comes in as a close second.


If you had a day to yourself, what would you do?


I would take a walk, pray, read, take a nap, and eat chocolate…possibly in the form of ice cream!


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