Red Barns and Meteor Showers

by Jennifer Morgan


God has the most amazing way of placing tremendous blessings in the midst of chaos.  Recent circumstances required an unexpected trip to Michigan to lend love and encouragement to a hospitalized family member.  As I wearily stepped off the plane in Detroit, Michigan on Sunday, I was filled with apprehension about the days ahead, anxious about how I would go about encouraging a loved one in a very difficult situation.  Suddenly, I realized that I had just returned to my birthplace nearly 54 years to the day of my birth!  An unexpected smile drew across my face. That was the first blessing.


After collecting my luggage, I was picked up by a friend who had kindly offered her home as my ‘base of operations’ for the week.  I had no idea of the blessing that awaited me.  We drove for miles through the countryside, and as we pulled into a driveway off of a dirt road, my breath caught in my throat.  We had arrived at her home...a beautiful 10 acre farm.  The charming 150 year old white farmhouse sat among lush flower and vegetable gardens, several red barns, cornfields, and an orchard of peach, apple, cherry, pear and apricot trees.  I was overwhelmed with joy. Only God would pick a place for me to stay that could so perfectly minister to my weary spirit.  He knows me so well.


And the blessings kept coming.  I visited my family member in the hospital and was elated to find her in good spirits, determined to begin her recovery process.  Returning to the farm, I took a walk on the grounds at sunset, soaking up the sights and sounds around me.  Wind rustled through the rows of tall cornstalks, birds sang their evening songs, and wind chimes played a soft melody.  I also was taken on a fabulous tour of the farm’s historic barns by my friend’s husband, who is a retired Detroit firefighter.  After finishing my walk, I was greeted back at the farmhouse by happy tail wags and snuggles from a cat named Sam and a dog named Rhett.  Settling contentedly out on the back deck, my heart filled with peace and I marveled at how God was ministering to me so completely.  And He wasn’t done!


As my friend and I sat out on the deck, evening gave way to dark, and I spotted...I couldn’t believe my eyes...fireflies!!!! I have such fond memories of chasing fireflies in the twilight evenings of my childhood in Ohio, and I so miss seeing them in Texas!  We continued to visit late into the night.  At one point a chilly fog rolled in, and as it lifted, the night sky revealed its starry splendor.  Out in the country, you can see the milky way so clearly.  Suddenly, a star shot across the sky in a bright streak, followed by another and another.  We were witnessing the Perseids meteor showers!


Finally, we dragged ourselves away from the heavenly display to head for bed.  I sat in my upstairs guest room, surrounded by beautiful home-made quilts, relishing in the gifts God had presented to me in just one day. 


God continued to pour out His blessings each day of my visit, including a personal tour of the local fire station.  Very cool!  Daily visits with my family member assured my heart that she is in good hands and is on her way to recovery.  I returned to Houston with a heart overflowing with God's love and Grace. This unexpected trip has truly been a birthday gift from heaven.


“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." Genesis 28:15


Where have you found God's blessings unexpectadly this week?


Thank you Jennifer Morgan for this week's guest post. We'd love to hear from other Abingdon Women and we welcome your reflections as well.  Find out how you can guest post here.  You can also connect with Jenn at her blog.

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