Abingdon Women is thrilled to have Babbie Mason with us to give us a brief glimpse into her life in ministry as an award winning singer-songwriter, author, teacher and TV Talk Show Host!  Babbie has been giving us little glimpses into her life at our local author events and we thought we'd carry some of those questions here to the blog for those who have yet had a chance to attend (stay tuned here for new events coming to Georgia and Texas soon).  

AW: Babbie - your voice is a God-given gift and a large part of your ministry.  When did you first know you were called to be a singer and musician?

Babbie: I have always known that singing and creating music would play a major role in my life, even as young student in grade school.  But, the operative word for me is called. In my junior year of college, after I gave my life fully to the Lord, He began to clearly open doors for me to share His love through music. Little by little, singing began to conflict with my day job. That’s when I retired from teaching to begin the music ministry.

AW: So, did you ever have any idea that God would use you in the ways He is using you to share his message today?

Babbie: I always envisioned that I would be a singer. Even in that capacity, God has done more than I could ask. But if you had told me when I was in college that God would also allow me the privilege to write songs, books and Bible studies, stand before women and teach the Bible, and encourage the hearts of people everywhere by radio, TV, and this thing called the Internet – I’d say, “I don’t think so!  You’ve got the wrong person!” Now, I know personally that God always does exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine! That's what I love about Him - one thing always leads to another. God will develop gifts and talents that you don't always know you have! So, if you say to Him, "Okay, God.  I'm not sure how You will do this, but if You open the door, I'll make myself available to walk through it". As I look back on it, I see now that you have to take setbacks in stride right along with your successes. Some days you’ll take a giant leap of faith – other days you’ll take baby steps. But I really do believe when you place your life in God’s hands - your best and brightest days are still ahead of you!

AW: Your first study, "Embraced by God" has been very successful (reminding women everywhere that we are all God's favorite) and we can't wait to see what you have planned for your forthcoming study.  Can you give us a sneak peek of a theme we may expect from "This I Know For Sure" this Fall?

Babbie: Absolutely! This study, just like Embraced By God, comes as a result of my own personal journey with the Lord. More and more, I find myself in a season of life where believing in God is not enough to anchor my faith. I had to establish once and for all that I would believe God and trust every word He has spoken regardless of my circumstances. Life is in a constant state of change. Even though I’ve known the Lord for most of my life, I have to establish, on a daily basis, that I will believe God regardless of how I feel.  Using God’s Word as our text, we’ll claim 2 Timothy 1:12 as our theme. “For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.” Of course, music will play a major role in our study. I’ve written a beautiful song to highlight our journey. This study will increase our confidence in God and His Word and cause our faith to soar!

AW: We've noticed that there are no age barriers for the women who connect with you and your ministry.  Do you feel drawn to minister to a specific age group, gender or demographic during this present season of your ministry?

Babbie: I am so honored to know that women from all walks of life feel like this ministry can speak to them. I must say right here that everything you see about Babbie Mason that is of any success, God did it! Even from an early age, God placed a huge compassion in my heart for people, regardless of their age or race or their place in life. So, I have had a deep passion in my heart for the church all my life and I believe I’m called to be a cheerleader to the Body of Christ.  Whether it’s performing in a concert at a church, teaching a Bible study for women or leading women in worship in the exciting concert celebration I created, called Embrace, that’s where I’m compelled to go.

AW: Where is your favorite place in or around your current home to listen, study or simply connect with God?

Babbie: I usually study and enjoy my solitude at the kitchen table, that way I can multi-task.  I can catch my honey, my husband, Charles, as he dashes in and out of the house. I can write at the computer and put on a pot of chili, then take a break in time to catch Jeopardy. If I’m writing a new song, I’m only a few feet from the living room where the piano is. But if I really need to shut things down, I grab my rod and reel, pencil and paper, a bologna sandwich, some sweet iced tea and head for the pond for an afternoon of fishing. Nothing finer than that.

AW: We understand your husband is quite the farmer.  What has been your favorite part of transitioning to farm life in rural Georgia?  And, we must also know if you have a least favorite part as well?

Babbie: I’ll always be a city girl, but I do love country living. There’s nothing more wonderful than eating out of the garden. Charles is a natural-born farmer. My favorite meal is when everything but the sweet tea comes from the garden. Fresh corn on the cob, cucumbers, beans, greens, peas, fresh tomatoes – a meal fit for a king! The solitude is wonderful, too. Quiet, starry nights in the country are breath-taking. Against a midnight sky, God shows off in all of His wonderful glory. The changing of the seasons are beautiful in the country as well. So, if I need inspiration, all I need to do is step out the front door and spend a little time doing a little bird-watching by day or star-gazing by night. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Talk about God moments!  Probably my least favorite part is my drive back and forth to and from the city. I’ve put a lot of miles on my car since moving to the country. It’s cool though. I listen to my favorite music or teaching CDs. My best ideas come while driving!

Thank you, Babbie, for giving us a glimpse into your ministry and personal life.  We can't wait to hear more of your "best ideas" and pray that God continues to do great things through your life and ministry. 

To hear more from Babbie, be sure to join us at one of our upcoming events in Texas or Georgia.  Details will be announced via the blog soon or subscribe to our newsletter at www.abingdonwomen.com for full details.

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