Easter may seem far off for some.  However, we’ve entered the season of Lent in which we prepare for Easter.  As a child, I only thought lint came from the dryer.  The church I grew up in did not place much emphasis on the Lenten season.  However, as an adult and in my current faith family, I have taken a greater appreciation for this time on the Christian calendar. 

Put simply, Lent is a time when we can prepare our hearts for the gift of Easter.  Some Christians add to their lives or take something away by observing a period of fasting, repentance or other spiritual discipline during this time.   Lent is an invitation to experience more fully the season, not just add to our to-do lists.  

As an adult, I have begun to truly embrace this season of preparation and try to more fully notice God's activity in the world around me.  I often take on a spiritual discipline to connect more intimately with God or take something away to symbolize my own personal fasting.  I genuinely try to prepare myself to better receive Easter in this way.  Some years these disciplines are more successful than other years.  This year has already been a humbling reminder that each day is an opportunity for prayer and fasting after a stomach bug visited our house and all disciplines went out the window.

Seriously though, as women, we often have much to prepare for Easter.  We may have a desire to create Easter memories with our families through special meals, crafts, devotions and other activities.  We often have a lot of responsibilities as we prepare for Easter in the practical sense. 

Ultimately, whether we honor the Lenten season formally or not, we are called to prepare our hearts for the Easter season.  Among the million to-do lists and demands for your attention, how are you preparing your heart these days?   What can you add to notice God more fully or what can you let go of to symbolize the great sacrifice Jesus made for us?

One of the beautiful things about our varied faith backgrounds is our ability to share different spiritual disciplines that connect us on our journeys.  Ideally, we can share and learn from one another on this journey and learn to embrace more fully together.  Do you or have you ever observed the Lenten season?  There may be much that you need to do to prepare for Easter practically (make memories, iron dresses, or carry out responsibilities in your church or ministry).  What do you want to do to prepare for Easter spiritually and emotionally? 

The season is upon us, how will you prepare to receive the gift of Easter?

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