Tiffany Bluhm is launching an online Bible study group using Never Alone: Six Encounters with Jesus to Heal Your Deepest Hurts starting April 18th and she would LOVE for you to join her!

  • she'll be left alone to fight the hardest battles of her life
  • she's disqualified from beauty, wholeness and restoration because of her past.
  • she'll be silenced for what she believes in
  • she's undeserving of a seat at the table

Women have struggled with shame and rejection for thousands of years. The women found in the scriptures lived in a society that treated women as low as slaves, as property, without a voice. Yet, Christ treated every woman He encountered with dignity, worth, and value. He was counter-cultural in his approach to women. He didn’t demean them. He treated them with honor.

Our Jesus did that and He is still in the business of redemption, restoration, and empowerment of women.
In my Bible study, Never Alone, I examine six different women Jesus encountered in the New Testament, and explores the truth, purpose, and meaning of His words and actions. In each encounter, He revealed Himself as the Messiah, and in each encounter, we find universal truth that is just as meaningful today as it was during Biblical times, because in Christ we recognize and embrace our valued role as indispensable in the Kingdom.
Want to dive into the study with her?
Join Tiffany's online study group and you'll get to the heart of the issue and discover who Jesus was to the women of His time.
The online Bible study group begins April 18th and runs for six weeks.
To join:
1. Sign up online at Never Alone Online Study
2. Order your Never Alone study guide. Links to retailers are available in our shop or via your confirmation e-mail upon signing up.
3. Join the private Never Alone study group Facebook that she'll send you, where Tiffany will hop on FB Live every Wednesday during the study.
You'll receive all kinds of goodies from Tiffany when you sign up too:
  • A Spotify and Amazon worship playlist
  • Printables and quotables to use during the study
  • Her hospitality guide for those host friends for the study
  • An entry to win a box of Tiffany's favorite things

Don't miss out on this great study! Join today at!

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