My Little Bible Messages

by Susan Braun

You might not guess this, but I began life as a rosebud. Each Wednesday night, I ambled down the long hallway of the First Baptist Church to Rosebuds, a class taught by a spunky older lady we girls referred to as Aunt Phyllis. She was not our aunt, and her mother, Grandma Short, was not our grandma, but we called them that anyway as they taught us each week.

Aunt Phyllis loved to encourage us girls: “You’re all sweet rosebuds! You haven’t bloomed yet, but you will! And then you’ll be so beautiful!” We girls looked at each other tentatively. We sure didn’t look flower-like, and we weren’t so sure about how likely we were to bloom in the near future, either. But Aunt Phyllis was so convinced that we could almost believe it.

Aunt Phyllis liked to gift her rosebuds with little booklets. My favorite was “Bible Messages for Every Day.” It was a tiny book, no more than 2” x 3”, but its worth far surpassed its size. It listed every day of the year, and beside each day was printed a Bible verse.

Through the years, “Bible Messages for Every Day” has given me comfort over and over. God has reached down and blessed me so many times, from my childhood forward, with just the word I needed in this tiny book.

How could He have known that May 17 of my fifth grade year would be a challenging day? I can’t say, but I do know that He provided this verse for that date: The Lord … a stronghold in the day of trouble. Nahum 1:7

My birthday was always a special day, and lo and behold, “Bible Messages” had a suitably celebratory verse: We will be glad and rejoice in thee. Song of Solomon 1:4.

My first day as a teacher was a stressful time. I’d been hired just three days before school began! God provided a verse: Behold, we count them happy which endure. James 5:11.

As a mom of three young children, I often lacked the time for in-depth Bible study. But “Bible Messages” was always nearby, with just the pick-me-up I needed. None of them that trust in Him shall be desolate. Psalm 34:22.

A few years back, I was thrilled to discover “Bible Messages” on my teenage daughter’s bedside table. The staples are coming loose and the pages are dog-eared, but God’s messages inside remain as timeless as they were back in 1974, when this little treasure was given to me. My daughter keeps a tiny bookmark inside to mark her place, and I love the idea that God is still speaking to young people through His word.

I often think back to Aunt Phyllis and her caring words. I’m thankful she encouraged me to bloom, and I’m even more grateful that she shared God’s words with me. They’re still bearing fruit, as I continue blooming.

This guest post was submitted by Susan Braun.  You can connect with Susan at her blog Girls in White Dresses Thank you Susan for sharing this encouragement with us today!  Click here to find out how you can guest post at

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