The Psalms are some of my favorite scriptures for reflection.  They comfort, encourage, and inspire.  I believe God designed us to worship him in many beautiful ways and Psalm 149:3 inspires us to praise God’s name with song and dance.  But, I have to be honest because I cannot dance like the stars or play a musical instrument (even though I took years of lessons for each).  Dancing and singing are not my strengths.   My left foot is literally one I trip over.  I wore braces on my legs as a kid. I stood against the wall at the prom and chatted up a storm.  I think I knew how uncoordinated I was and was afraid to step out. I was afraid of tripping or showing the fact that I have zero rhythm. But, here is what I have finally begun to realize: God doesn't ask us to check our rhythm, He just asks us to dance and drum.  

God’s asking us to worship and praise him.  But, it is sinking in that God never asked us all to be professionals with our praise.  Worship and praise are unique for each of us.  Our lives are worship if we show love and devotion to our God. Worship might be hearing the birds on a back porch, exercising in your neighborhood, sitting at the lake, watching a sunrise at the ocean or simply lying face down on your living room floor with worship music blaring for all the neighbors to hear (yes, I’ve done that). 

How do you praise God’s name with dance and drum?  Where do you worship? And, I don't just mean the name of your congregation. Of course, our faith family is a large part of worship as Christians. But, we can't look to that congregation to provide our sole means of worship.  How do you bow down daily and show your love for your God?  

One of my favorite things to do when my son was small enough to pick up was to hold him in my arms and dance around the living room to music. Remember, I am no dancer. But, it was fun. It was exhilarating for both of us, well, tiring for me. But, when I'd stop dancing he would beg, "Please don't stop mommy, please don't stop. Let's keep dancing." I hear God saying this to us today, “Let’s keep dancing.”

Even though I can no longer swing my son around the room (he is nearing my height at a fast rate), I want to keep dancing and not just with him. I want to dance through this life in celebration of who I am and who God made me to be.

Lord, no matter what it looks like, help us dance through this life and worship you. Let's keep dancing!

Let them praise God’s name with dance; let them sing God’s praise with the drum and lyre! –Psalm 149:3 (CEB)

What is your favorite way to worship God and praise his name?

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