Sitting in the backyard on a summer night, my legs become covered with pesky bugs.  I spray and I swat and the bugs are still attracted to me.  I can’t help but think though that it is worth it to outlast the biting bugs so that I can enjoy another variety of bugs – the fireflies. Isn’t it worth it?  The fireflies dance across the yard and their beauty reminds me of each of us.

I watch as the neighborhood kids chase after the fireflies swatting them with their otherwise innocent hands as they try to capture them in jars and between their sweet fingers. The lights of the bugs keep flickering among the distractions and even after they’ve been captured in a magical glass mason jar (the one that has had many uses before now). The fireflies keep shining.  

Together those little bugs light up the night.  It may be hard to notice just one of these bugs. But, once you look closely, there is never really just one. Glance out into the night this time of year at my house and the yard lights up with fireflies. Aren't we like that too?  Stronger and brigher together?

As women, we are often distracted by the demands of motherhood, laundry, aging parents, callings, careers, friends who need us, health crisis, family responsibility, laundry, meals, did I mention laundry?  We get swatted at by the daily demands of life, but not on purpose.  No, it’s the activity that tries to distract us but we’re still called to let those lights flicker their beauty in all the places we touch each day.

And as Christians, God is calling us to let our lights shine and light up the world together. It may seem that just one of our lights is not quite bright enough. It may seem like we get put in a jar to often (by ourselves or others).  But, when we all come together, without fear of letting our lights shine, the world is truly a better place.

Jesus is the light of the world. Scripture reminds us to share that light with others. The backyard fireflies are reminders and inspiration to light up this world together.

“You are the light of the world. A city on top of a hill can’t be hidden.” –Matthew 5:14 CEB

Reflect:  How are you sharing God's light?

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