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Jen is a lover of many things. First and most important, Jesus! She is also passionately in love with her husband Jim and their two amazing kids.


One of her other loves is God's Word. Reading, hearing, studying, and sharing the Bible. She brings biblical truth to life through humor, authenticity, and everyday application.


Jen is the executive pastor at Harvest Church, a United Methodist congregation in Warner Robins, GA. Fierce: Women of the Bible Who Changed the World, her second women's Bible study, is now available.


About the Study


What is the main message you hope women take away from Fierce


I hope Fierce will inspire women to be bold, courageous, and most of all, faithful—especially when it is not a popular role to play. May women like Dorcas, Lois, Eunice, Shiphrah, and Puah be examples to us in our generation.


What was your inspiration for writing the study? 


A friend, who is also a nurse, mentioned the midwives of Egypt in conversation and what a vital role they played in God’s plan. As we talked about them, we couldn’t recall their names. It made me want to look into some of those lesser known but fiercely faithful women we don’t hear much about who are included in God’s Word to discover all that their stories have to teach us today.


What practical tool will women learn when they study with Fierce


The Settle component of each day’s devotional has been really meaningful to many women.  The practice of quieting your heart and, especially, your mind before the Lord and then digging into His Word has resonated with many who live life in fast motion.


Sample Settle components

Week 1 Day 2

Take time to count your blessings as you begin your intentional time with God today. Think back to when you were a little girl, and write a list of ten to twenty ways that God has showered His goodness upon you throughout your lifetime. As you write these, make them a prayer of thanksgiving.


Week 5 Day 2

Today let’s get creative! If you like to draw, spend a few minutes sketching as God guides you. If you enjoy singing, sing to the Lord. Are you a poet or writer? If so, write God a note today. Express your love to your Creator creatively. He’s the master of imagination, and no doubt He enjoys when we connect with Him through our creativity.

Stand up and take a deep breath in, reaching over your head as you hold that breath a few seconds; then slowly exhale. Now try it again. As you breathe in, invite the Holy Spirit to fill you; and as you breathe out, release the stresses that would distract you as you spend time with Jesus today.


What is your favorite tip for Bible study group leaders?


When preparing to lead others in Bible study, I really focus on who the audience is. What is their life situation? What are their needs, fears, concerns? What level of knowledge do they already have? And most important, what is the goal of the study? 

Knowledge without life application can lead to pride, so I always have in the back of my mind the phrase “So what?”—as in “So what can we learn? So what should we do? So what attitude should be avoided, what promise should be claimed, what sin should be confessed? So what will this study mean for those who are attending the group?” 


About Jen


Is there a theme or message that God is speaking into your life in this season? 


Relax, you were never in control to begin with; so relax, and watch what I can do in your life.


What is your favorite soul care practice? 


Rest, but that doesn’t come easily to me. I do not tend to be a person who rests easily. But when I prioritize quiet, peaceful moments, it is so much easier to feel God’s presence and hear His voice. 


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