Do you find yourself searching for more? More hope, more joy, more freedom? All around us people are dancing to the steps of bigger, better, and faster, and we can easily join in without even realizing it. Before long complaining and comparing accompany our desire for more, yet we’re not any closer to filling the ache inside. God offers us another way.

In the new study Numbers: Learning Contment in a Culture of More by Bible teacher and award-winning author Melissa Spoelstra, we’ll find a group of people that wandered in the desert for forty years, unable to enter the Promised Land because of their complaining, grumbling, and lack of faith. The New Testament tells us that their story was written to warn us (1 Corinthians 10:6) so that we would not make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences. God sent his only Son to die to buy our freedom from the sin that leads to discontentment, and we find our own promised land of peace and contentment in the life he gives us.

By exploring Numbers we can come to identify the reasons for our complaining, learn contentment while being authentic about the difficulties of life, accept short-term hardship in light of the greater good of God’s ultimate deliverance, recognize the relationship between complaining and worry, and discover how to realign with God’s character and promises.

Would you like to start experiencing the freedom of contement in your life? (We can only imagine that you're nodding yoru head to this.)

To help you in jump-starting your journey we're offering the first week DVD session and workbook materials for free.

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