Change Brings Seed by Whitney Simpson

As for the seed that fell among thorny plants, these are the ones who, as they go about their lives, are choked by the concerns, riches, and pleasures of life, and their fruit never matures. The seed that fell on good soil are those who hear the word and commit themselves to it with a good and upright heart. Through their resolve, they bear fruit.  - Luke 8:14-15 CEB

Recently, much change has occurred in my personal life. The change was unplanned and not on my radar or written in my planner (I’m told most people don’t plan change, so that statement simply confirms my type A personality).  Once our family accepted the change was coming (a move to a new home in a different city) it seemed 100% right.  

All the pieces for the move fell into place as God orchestrated the change for our family. We were excited for the opportunity to be closer to extended family.  And yet,  this change impacted me more deeply than I expected.  As I sat in our empty home loading the last boxes a flood of emotions and tears emptied out of my physical body. There was so much to leave behind.  Memories of building our first home, the birth of our son, moments of health crisis and recovery, birthday parties, bike rides, snow fights with neighborhood kids, delicious meals, and warm bonfires.  My heart ached to leave and yet it was also excited for the new growth and seed that God was planting. 

When life seems uncertain and I become overwhelmed, meditating on God’s word soothes my soul.  As I breathed in my favorite scripture, “Be still and know that I am God,” I was reminded that God knows our plans.  God knows what is to come.  God knows the good things that are in store for each of us.  God knows our worries.  God knows change unsettles us.  God knows we can cling to his word and his promises.  It is a relief to be still and know that God has all our best interests at heart.  I may be uncertain of much but I am certain that God is with me among the change.

Thomas Merton reminds us, “every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”  As we each face change in this new year (big or small), may we face it with hope and great expectation!  Every moment we face and every change that occurs shapes our soul.  May we embrace the seeds that are sprouting in our souls and foster them as they grow.  And although we currently have record low temperatures at my house, that seed God is planting will still sprout, I’m certain.  Our God provides soil that is rich.  May the seeds of change in 2014 bear much fruit in your life and your soul. 

Prayer: God, guide us as we experience change this year, big and small.  Allow us to accept the changes you orchestrate in our lives as opportunity for growth, bearing fruit for you that is good and upright.  Amen.

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