If you follow Abingdon Women on Facebook, you got a sneak peek behind the scenes of Babbie Mason’s forthcoming Bible study, “This I Know for Sure”, last week.  It was an exciting day and many of those present commented on God’s wonderful presence and activity throughout the day.  It’s interesting when you go behind the scenes how you see more details than you realize take place to pull together such a large project.

There were lots of details to check off before the taping began including camera angles, seat adjustments, microphone checks, and prayer for the day (just to name a few).  One of the requests for those in the audience was not that hard.  We were simply asked to smile – a lot!  Who wants to teach to a bored looking audience?  But, with Babbie teaching and encouraging, it’s pretty easy to smile.  However, as the day wore on, I noticed my cheeks starting to droop (we smiled for six sessions and I was worn out).  You may be laughing, but try it, smiling all day long is more challenging than you realize!  I began to wonder if anyone was watching and started stretching my cheek muscles.  Then I caught myself looking around the studio to see if the camera was turned my way so I could relax those smiling cheeks.

Just about that time, Babbie brought me back to reality.  She had been teaching on the life of Daniel, pointing out how well Daniel knew God and how committed he was to Him.  She reminded us that people were watching Daniel’s actions and taking notes on him.  They knew the details of Daniel’s life behind the scenes.  They watched him and reported when he prayed to his God.  Babbie then asked “who is taking notes on you?” and it jolted me back to a full smile!  Of course, the camera crew, producer and director were watching all our smiles that day.  They were taking notes on us.  But, obviously, the question runs much deeper than our time in the studio.

The question is that on the outside of each and every one of our lives, others are watching us and how we embrace our lives with God.  I hope that behind the scenes of my life, I always lead a life for my son, my friends, my family and even strangers to be able to take notes on.  God knows our hearts inside and out, just like he knew Daniel's. 

Who in your life is watching you behind the scenes?  What opportunities do you have to make an impact for your God through your actions?

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