Early in the mornings I'm groggy.  I’ve tried for years to grow into a “morning person” but it simply takes me adequate time to wake up each day.  I still get up early most mornings to meet the day but sometimes the snooze button is simply more appealing.  And, I sense that in life it’s tempting to hit snooze all too often.  Sometimes it is easier to ignore the nudges from God, those feelings in the pit of our stomachs that nudge us to be woken up to live into God's calling in our lives.  Like my early mornings, it is often tempting to just snooze through life.  Have you been awakened to your unique calling?  The question is not about why your alarm woke you this morning.  It isn't about what you do to pay your bills.  But, who is God calling you to be today?  

Recently, I had an opportunity to witness young pastors being welcomed into the church.  The path they have followed has been a journey and is to be commended.  We need the work of pastors in our churches and our communities.  The call to pastor is a clearly defined call that our culture recognizes and understands.  And while you may or may not be a pastor, you have a calling to minister with your life.  Do you see it or are you feeling a little groggy?  Has the calling been awakened in you? 

I was reminded this week that I am one in 7 billion people on this earth.  Amazingly, God did not make any two of us the same.  Your calling is as unique as you are; let it awaken in you no matter your stage of life.  Maybe it is time we even look beyond our gifts and strengths for a moment and follow our hearts and our souls.  You may already know what you are good at (or not good at) but what awakens your spirit?  What gives you great joy?  What is God calling you to in this life? 

Finally, what would happen if we all answered one of my favorite poets question and followed through with our response to God?  Let's stop hitting that snooze button and awaken to God's call on our lives.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” 
― Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems

Prayer: God, awaken our souls.  Allow us to see and hear more clearly how you call each of us.  Help us be fully awakened to live into your unique calling in our lives.  Amen.

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