All The Time

by Whitney Simpson

Babbie Mason's newest study, This I Know for Sure, just arrived in my mailbox. It is full of inspiration and encouragement so I could not help but flip through the pages. I've heard Babbie's new song (for which the study is titled) but the words of the song, This I Know for Sure, truly jumped off the page at me when I opened the book and saw them printed out.  The song starts like this:

When life is uncertain

Questions come and go

I'll not be moved by how I feel

But trust in what I know

There is a God in Heaven 

And I am in His plan

He will forsake me never

My life is in His hands

His boundless love will lead me

As long as time endures

Oh, this I know

This I know for sure

These words have resonated with me this week and I hope they resonate with you as well. "When life is uncertain" stands out because it seems that life is uncertain more than it is certain - does it not? Life is uncertain the majority of the time.  Jobs are uncertain. Health is uncertain. Even our human relationships can be uncertain.

What is certain?  Dependable, reliable and true are all words that appear in the dictionary beside the word certain. There are very few situations in my life that fall into this category. But, my God is surely certain.  Psalm 71:3 reminds us that God is "my rock and my fortress."  He is my certainty.  He is reliable.  He is dependable.  All the time.

And, Babbie reminds us of this:

There is a God in Heaven

And I am in His plan

He will forsake me never

My life is in His hands.

Yes, Babbie, this I know for sure. All the time, it is certain.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for loving us consistently and with certainty.  Thank you for holding us in your hands, all the time.  Allow us to trust your plan today even when we face uncertain times.

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