Spotted online was a post from a mom that included a photo of a note from her teen children.  It said, “Thank you for raising us in a God centered, supportive, and loving home.”  This made my heart happy and sad at the same time.  As a teen girl, I don’t think I ever thanked my Mom in this way.  I was appreciative and thankful in many ways and I knew our home was loving.  But, I don't think I fully appreciated the importance of my parents making our home God-centered.  And, after visiting with many of you during our online study this week and at another online Abingdon event, I do realize how blessed I am that I can still say thank you in person to my mom (and grandmothers) for the Godly love and care they showed me growing up.  Our home was not perfect and I’m guessing your home life wasn’t perfect either.  I will be the first to tell you that our family didn’t sit down to light a candle, regularly read scripture together, or have rituals of hand-holding during prayers.  We often said canned prayers and put pennies in a rice bowl for missions.  And that was story book perfect for me.  It was God centered, supportive, and loving in a very real way. 

Maybe you too can thank your Mom, grandmothers, aunts or other women in your life this week who have supported you with a God-centered life.  Maybe you can honor and remember them in other ways if you cannot tell them in person.  Maybe you can seek to support a woman who is currently looking for a mom figure in her life.  Whatever this day of honor calls upon you for, thank you each for being the God-centered, supportive, and loving women that you are to those in your life. 

And, if you’re willing to share with the world about a woman who has been a mom to you, share your gratitude and tell us here!  In what ways has your mother (or other woman) supported and raised you to have a God-centered life?  Who are the other women in your life have supported you with a mother’s love? 

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