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Win over worry in your life!


Have you ever tried to fight worry and felt you were losing the battle? Have comments like “God’s got this!” or “Just pray about it!” left you feeling defeated and discouraged? We know we shouldn’t worry, and we long for something more than clichés. We need help to fire up our faith to equip us to win our worry battle!


Combining inspiration, humor, and personal stories that resonate across all ages, Barb Roose offers real encouragement for handling life’s concerns that cause us to struggle with worry, anxiety, fear, or even complete meltdown. Inspired by the Book of Joshua, she equips us with Scripture-based, practical tools to bravely battle worry. Applying these tools will help us overcome our daily struggles and the bigger battles we all face. Winning the Worry Battle provides examples of how God gave the Israelites victory over their enemies and generously blessed them. As we read their story, we too, will also be victorious in our fight of faith so that we not only radically transform our own lives but unequivocally impact society.


Companion Bible study, Joshua: Winning the Worry Battle, also available.


What People Are Saying:


Who doesn’t want to win the worry battle? Whether it’s our health, finances, or relationships, the mental hamster wheel of worry beckons us to constantly turn things over in our minds. Barb Roose shares valuable insights from the Book of Joshua and helps you apply them in very practical ways.

Melissa Spoelstra, speaker and author of Numbers: Learning Contentment in a Culture of More and Total Family Makeover: 8 Steps for Making Disciples at Home

Barb Roose gives us not only the reasons for the need to limit worry in our lives but also the practical and spiritual tools we need to do more than postpone worry and actually deal with it for the rest of our lives. I love her focus on the freedom that a life of worrying less can bring to each and every one of us. Highly recommended.

—Kathi Lipp, Best-selling author of The Husband ProjectClutter Free and Overwhelmed

This book is perfect for people like me who need tangible 1-2-3 advice on how to stop the worry cycle. Barb writes in a relatable fashion, sharing her personal struggles and making us feel connected.  She’s been there and isn't afraid to talk about it! It's a quick read and one anyone can appreciate!

Kerri Pomarolli, Comedian with credits including "The Tonight Show” and “Comedy Central," Author of Mom’s Night Out and Other Things I Miss

Whether worry creeps up on us from time to time or is an overwhelming presence in our lives, we all have room to grow! I'm so grateful for Barb’s voice on this topic. Her bold determination coupled with sincere faith and compassion speak into the frenzy, empathizing and then encouraging and equipping us to fight against the worries we encounter. Take a deep breath, receive the coaching Barb offers, and step into the journey toward a life you crave, a life with less worry!

Lauren Snyder, Executive Director of Ministry, CedarCreek Church

Barb Roose brings Joshua, a man of tremendous faith in tumultuous times, to life. In her down-to-earth and tremendously encouraging way, she leads you to identify and release your worries in faith, strength, and freedom. Providing a treasure chest of tools and ideas that not only are beautiful but also keep you engaged and hungry for more of the Word of God, this book is for anyone longing to live a fuller, worry-free life of faith and freedom in the Lord! 

—Melissa Maimone, speaker and author of Gathering Dandelions

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