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Major Lessons from Minor Bible Characters

By Julie Lyles Carr

A 4-Week Bible Study

Available August 20, 2019

We hear a lot about some of the “big” names in the Bible. Moses. Mary. Paul. But what about those who have a small mention, or whose names aren’t even known? What might they have to teach us about the faith journey? Footnotes is a unique four-week study that introduces us to some people who are just a brief blip on the screen of the Bible timeline, just a footnote in biblical story—people it would be easy to overlook but we shouldn’t underestimate. As you journey through this four-week study, you will be inspired by the backstories of these people of faith who show us that even minor players can teach major lessons.

Julie Lyles Carr is an author, speaker, broadcaster, and consultant who serves as the Pastor of LifeWomen Women’s Ministry at her home church of LifeAustin in Austin, Texas. With degrees in psychology and English literature, she began her career in radio and television and continues in the broadcast and voiceover arena, including her work as an audiobook narrator. She founded the non-profit Legacy of Hope, which today, through its 2dance2dream program, is dedicated to serving families with children with special needs. She is the author of Raising an Original and speaks regularly in both church and business settings. Julie's popular podcast, The Modern Motherhood Podcast, has welcomed guests such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Bob Goff, and Max Lucado. Julie and her husband, Michael, are the parents of eight children, ranging in age from twelve to twenty-eight. You can find out more about Julie, her work, and her family life at

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