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Recognize your own outer and inner beauty as defined by God, not the media or others.

Most women know that God loves them, but might he love them more if they finally lost that last ten pounds, or got their hair to lay right, or finally found a pair of jeans that looked good and let them breathe? Well, maybe God doesn’t care about jeans, but women do, and all the talk about inner beauty hasn’t kept all of us from staring into a mirror and taking an inventory that never quite measures up. Enough Already will:

  • Elevate the soul-freeing, spiritual truth that God is the Creator of beauty and that women are called to appreciate and care for themselves as his own.
  • Enable women to accept God-given beauty so that when they look in the mirror they see his handiwork, not their flaws.
  • Equip women to win the ugly struggle with beauty once and for all.

About that Author:

Barbara L. Roose is the author of the book Enough Already: Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty and the Bible study Beautiful Already: Reclaiming God’s Perspective on Beauty. She is a popular speaker who is passionate about connecting women to one another and to God, helping them apply the truths of God's Word to the practical realities and challenges they face as women in today's culture. Previously she was the Executive Director of Ministry at CedarCreek Church in Perrysburg, Ohio, where she served on staff for fourteen years and co-led the annual Fabulous Women's Conference that reached more than 10,000 women over five years. Barb and her husband, Matt, live in Toledo, Ohio, and are the parents of three beautiful daughters. Find Barbara online at

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