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26 Ways to Pray the Alphabet
Book - Paperback ISBN: 9781630888732 Publication Date: October 2014

In Mercy & Melons, each letter of the alphabet calls forth two words: a word that celebrates an ordinary thing, and another word that names a holy quality about God. Those pairings speak to each other. For those who pay attention to those pairings, they discover something about prayer and about God. This companion guide to Mercy & Melons offers a practical guide to living and exploring and praying those pairings in our daily life--as we look for beauty and hope in the “ordinary” things around us.  Each of the 26 chapters focuses on four ways to explore those pairings: 

“Praying the alphabet allows us to be thorough in our prayers because each letter conjures up something we might not otherwise have remembered: mercy, melons.  Suddenly, we can taste both.”

Use this companion along with Mercy & Melons or as its own guide to prayer, for a retreat, for Lent, or any time you want to explore praying in new ways.