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Product Details

Footnotes - Women
Book - Paperback ISBN: 9781501888540 Publication Date: August 2019

Be inspired by the stories of minor biblical characters and the major lessons they teach us.

We hear a lot about some of the “big” names in the Bible. Moses. Mary. Paul. But what about those who have a small mention, or whose names aren’t even known? What might they have to teach us about the faith journey? Footnotes is a unique four-week study that introduces us to some people who are just a brief blip on the screen of the Bible timeline, just a footnote in biblical story—people it would be easy to overlook but we shouldn’t underestimate. As you journey through this four-week study, you will be inspired by the backstories of these people of faith who show us that even minor players can teach major lessons.

Bible Study Features:

  • Women will learn surprising lessons from lesser known characters in the Bible.
  • A shorter four-week study is ideal for inbetween or busy times.
  • Accessible and friendly format.
  • DVD features dynamic, engaging teaching in four 20-minute segments.
  • Participant Workbook includes group session guides, discussion questions, prayers, video viewer guides, and leader helps.

Other components for the Bible study, available separately, include a DVD.