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I Am a Daughter of the Most High King
Book - Paperback ISBN: 9781501814990 Publication Date: March 2016
Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life and death is in our words, and nothing is more powerful than affirming who we are in Christ. Award-winning Gospel music artist Babbie Mason regularly shares with audiences worldwide a beautiful declaration she has written especially for women, and now this declaration is the basis for a powerful collection of daily devotions. Join Babbie in a thirty-day journey of encouragement and empowerment as you affirm your identity as a daughter of the Most High King. The devotions are grouped into four weekly themes:
  • Identity – Who we are in Christ.
  • Security – What we have because of Christ.
  • Authority – What we can do through Christ.
  • Possibility – How we can face each day with Christ.
Each devotion includes a Scripture, reflection, prayer, and action step. These powerful devotions will help you to see that what matters is not what others and the world say about you but what God says about you in his Word—because that is the truth, and the truth is all that matters.