Easter is a grace-filled celebration for us but what happens when it's over? I think we Christians can easily be tempted to experience holiday remorse after Easter. We tend to forget that God’s sacrificial love for us doesn’t have to fade.  It’s eternal.  We’re Easter people all year long and God’s grace has been given to us forever, right?

I don't know about where you live, but I usually prefer the weather to feel like Spring as we celebrate our risen savior and yet it has just been cold where I live.  Easter is a little early this year and it is unseasonably cold in much of the country.  If I’m being honest, cold weather tempts me to eat more of those famous crème eggs than my body really needs.  I’m truly ready for Spring (in more ways than one) and based on conversations with friends lately, I don’t think I’m alone! 

The beautiful blossoms on the trees in the parking lot of my church were in full bloom on Sunday and the weather was at the freezing point. The flowers along my parent's yard were bursting with yellow just weeks ago and now they are barely hanging on to life.  Easter doesn’t have to fade away like those frozen blooms or the crème eggs.  This grace doesn’t disappear like those famous crème eggs vanish from grocery store registers everywhere shortly after Easter.  Remember, we know the end of the story already!  We received God’s grace at no cost to us, but a great cost to our risen Lord.

This is a huge relief to a woman like me.  The only grace I have is the grace given to me by God. I'm the one that got toothpaste on everything except my toothbrush this morning. My everyday life is not grace-filled because of who I am but because of whose I am.  I want the grace of God on my life to cover my imperfections, my mistakes and my sins.  I strive to seek him constantly in my life because my life is nothing without him and this is all because of Easter.  

So, I'm glad I'm an Easter people and I never want to be tempted to let that feeling fade or miss seeing what the Lord has done for me. I'm heartbroken that we crucified him and yet I'm overwhelmingly thankful and amazed that Jesus rose again.  I know I don't deserve it, but I am thankful He allows us to be Easter people. He also allows us the ability to show grace and love and forgiveness and receive eternal life. He allows us to see Him all around us.  Each and every one of us gets this chance to experience the grace of God. Our God is a grace-filled God, one that I hope I never miss seeing, like Mary almost did. Thankfully, we are his Easter people. And, a grace-filled Easter sure lasts a lot longer than a crème-filled Easter!

 Mary Magdalene left and announced to the disciples, “I’ve seen the Lord.” –John 20:18

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