Remember the story of Daniel and the lion’s den?  You’ve likely heard this story but may not remember that the lion’s den was not Daniel’s first test of faith.  As a young man, Daniel was one of the captives taken from his own land to Babylon.  There were many challenges along the way for Daniel but he did not waiver in his faith.  If you read Daniel 6, you're reminded that Daniel upheld the laws so well that the only way his jealous peers could destroy him was to frame him!  They implemented a law to try and prevent Daniel from praying to his God.  And, what did Daniel do?  He went to pray and kneel directly in front of the window before God and the entire city!  And, he was immediately reported to the King and went to face the lions (the lions who never touched him).  The fear of facing the lions did not stop Daniel from living out his story and worshiping his God in prayer.

In the study, NamesakeJessica reminds us of the details of Daniel's story and how He and his friends remained true to God and their faith.  They continued to kneel before God and worship him even when it meant their lives were at stake (remember the fiery furnace?). 

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me to embrace my faith and kneel before God may look like a risk to me, but it isn’t a daily risk like Daniel’s risk.  There may be struggles ahead, but last I checked, there were no hungry lions.  My friends, Daniel faced that window.  He openly kneeled and prayed.  And, you and I can do that too.  I don’t know your story.  But, I know you’re one of God’s children and you can seek him openly and honestly no matter what the perceived risk.   We are all being called to face the window to the world, to share our stories, live out our faith, and worship our God.

May we learn from the example of Daniel and his friends and have the confidence to face the windows of the world.  We each have a window to face. What’s your story?  What are you going to do before that window?  Tell us in the comments below and let’s support each other on this journey!

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