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Namesake was an outstanding Bible study. Jessica LaGrone writes so that the student can't help but respond. I found words flowing from my pen!

Congratulations to Abingdon Press for this wonderful series. I was excited to learn of United Methodist female writers publishing Bible studies to "compete" with those non-Methodist female writers whose theology is not the theology I prefer. My group will be studying Jessica's second study in September.

Judy Gilreath - First U M C Sulphur Springs, Texas

Babbie Mason's Bible study for women will transform the life of anyone who lays eyes on it. Its message is simple enough for the fledgling believer to understand and profound enough for the seasoned saint to appreciate. Weaving together authentic firsthand experiences, deep Biblical truth, and stirring personal application, Embraced by God is a navigational tool for any woman who wants to journey through life with victory. This study is a compass . . . and it points straight to abundant life.

Priscilla Shirer, author and Bible teacher

God has designed a personal love song for each of His children. Through the pages of Babbie Mason’s  Embraced by God Bible study, you’ll learn how to sing the unique melody God designed just for you. Ahhh . . . you and your Heavenly Father singing in Holy Harmony!

Cindi Wood, author of Desperate and the Frazzled Female series

I was the facilitator of the Christ-Centered Woman study, which we did as a one-hour study. I found it to be very easy and helpful as a leader. Some of the participants were not as happy with the video portion, but did get used to it after a few lessons. I thought the videos were good. I liked how the video didn’t repeat what was in the study, but complemented it. I think the exercises we did were helpful to build the group and to address individual goals of becoming more Christ-Centered. The group consisted of women with young children and many of the examples were very appropriate for their current lifestyle and challenges. I would highly recommend this study to others, especially those who are somewhat new to Bible studies.

Diana Bates

Our church recently purchased and started This I Know for Sure, and the ladies have enjoyed this study more than they have any others in years. This study "hit the mark!"

Pastor Clifton Conrad - Camphor Memorial UMC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Four different groups at our church have used Embraced by God, three have used Namesake, and one has used Healing Waters, and all of them have drawn rave reviews. One group that used to only use Beth Moore materials has now used her once in the last two years, and for the rest of the time has used Abingdon Women's studies and two studies from Adam Hamilton. I wanted to personally and on behalf of our church say thank you for producing quality women's Bible study materials that regular church-goers want and enjoy.

John Barolo, Director of Adult Education - Hyde Park United Methodist, Tampa, Florida

The time with Babbie "gave me an opportunity to stop and think about why I am here, who has created me, and who I am."

Nancy Olsen - Sioux Falls, SD

In Embraced by God, Babbie Mason opens her book with "Have you ever wondered, 'Does God really love me? Does he accept me as I am? Do I really matter to him?'" She continues to say that we are each God's favorite. "He loves you as if you are the only one to love." 

After a lifetime of struggling against severe depression, including suicide attempts, and the realization that I had been sexually abused by my father as a child, I thought, "No one has ever loved me this way." I think I read and re-read that introduction to Embraced by God at least twelve times. I continue to read and re-read Babbie's daily lessons. Her prayers and her selections of Bible verses speak to me with almost every paragraph, if not every sentence.

I can be intimidated by others' knowledge and understanding of the Bible, but Babbie tells the stories, links the verses of Scripture, and throws in stories of her life in a way that embraces, rather than intimidates me. Every time I read I find reassurance and answers.

I now have the wonderful opportunity to start the second half of my life. 

Brenda Rogerson - Fruit of the Spirit Sunday School, Nashville

We just completed Jessica Lagrone's Namesake in a Thursday morning bible study group of 23 ladies, ranging in age from late 20s to late 70s. Our group would certainly indicate that Jessica has wide appeal for such a variety of ages and stages as our group! Love that!

When watching the DVD, Jessica has a warmth that could reach right through.

Linda W. Smith - Trinity UMC, Homewood, Alabama

Although she doesn't know me, I feel like Babbie Mason is my best friend! I just finished reading This I Know for Sure and I have ordered the CD. Thank you so much for such an inspiring word! My husband and I have clung tenaciously to "What we know for sure" during these last seven years as we have struggled to hold on to a construction company, knowing God is with us through it! I think this is the year of Jubilee!

Thank you, Babbie, for blessing my heart through your words and your music!